Nvidia hackers selling utility unencumber for graphics card crypto mining limiters

The hacking neighborhood is retaining Nvidia to ransom anxious that it unlocks hash price limiters on its excessive-cease graphics cards.

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Nvidia hackers selling software unlock for graphics card crypto mining limiters

A hacking neighborhood that infiltrated Nvidia servers last month is attempting to sell utility that would additionally unencumber crypto mining hash price limiters on the firm’s flagship graphics cards.

A South American hacking neighborhood going by the title LAPSUS$ claims to maintain stolen a terabyte of files from Nvidia servers in slack February. The neighborhood is now offering utility in the plot of a personalised driver to unencumber limiters the company has set apart on its excessive-cease graphics cards.

Nvidia acknowledged that it changed into conscious of the incident on Feb. 23, and acknowledged, based totally totally on studies on Mar. 2:

“We’re wakeful that the probability actor took employee credentials and a few Nvidia proprietary files from our systems and has begun leaking it on-line.”

The cybercriminal neighborhood has been looking to extort the California-based totally mostly company by a Telegram channel. Along with to leaking sensitive non-public files that it pilfered, the neighborhood is offering to avoid limits on Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series graphics cards to enable greater hash charges for Ethereum mining.

On March 1, PCMag printed screenshots from the neighborhood’s channel which acknowledged “this leak contains supply code and extremely confidential/secret files from different facets of Nvidia GPU driver, Falcon, LHR, and such.”

LHR refers to “Lite Hash Price” which is a limiter the company launched to de-tune its GPUs in 2021 to discourage crypto miners from snapping all of them up, leaving some for its core market of PC avid gamers.

The hacking neighborhood is additionally attempting to retain Nvidia to ransom with calls for that it take away the limiter from all RTX 3000 series cards and plot drivers originate-supply. It has given the company until March 4 to plot a determination.

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Graphics card costs and availability has been a bane for avid gamers for the past two years, escalating their angst in opposition to crypto miners and the industry in classic.

Excessive-cease GPUs can fee upwards of $1,800 if in stock, and decrease-spec fashions are very tough to come lend a hand by ensuing in the emergence of a aged-card market where costs for older graphics cards in most cases exceed what they fee before the entirety in clear regions.

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