‘How I met Satoshi’: The mission to educate 100M of us about Bitcoin by 2030

Dušan Matuska is — among many alternative issues — a Bitcoin educator and consultant. The Slovak’s dream is to educate 100 million of us about Bitcoin by 2030 by talks, podcasts, webinars, workshops and even a Bitcoin training heart in a a lot-flung destination (plans are at sign under wraps). 

Alongside his Bitcoin teaching aspirations, he assists on a microscopic-scale Bitcoin mining facility in Slovakia, he co-founded the crypto café identified as Paralelni Polis within the country’s capital, Bratislava and he’s translated well-identified Bitcoin books into his native tongue, Slovak.

But, how did he fetch right here? And, what does assembly Satoshi need to attain with it?

It begins with Bitcoin, which he first heard about Bitcoin in 2015. But, like many participants, “I didn’t spend quite quite a bit of search for. I believed it used to be a scam, it used to be a pyramid procedure and all these forms of issues,” he suggested Cointelegraph.

Then again, outfitted with a background in arithmetic and buoyed by the enthusiasm of a tenacious buddy interested by starting up supply applied sciences, Matuska no longer so worthy fell but swan dived down the rabbit hole all the draw in which by the 2017 bull flee.

He realized, “Oh my God, this Bitcoin part is something if truth be told fine.”

Matuska in his trademark Bitcoin sweater. Source: Matuska

He took atomize day his teaching and consulting jobs to head looking Bitcoin. Internal months, he deployed his public talking talents to present the first free talks of many about Bitcoin. At his first “starting up workshop, where 40 or 50 of us came” in early 2018, something had begun to click on.

“Teaching something that I even devour a fondness for feels pure to me. I gave webinars, consultations, free talks, all these forms of issues connected to Bitcoin. Then, we founded Paralelná Polis in Bratislava.”

The crypto cafe — because it’s also identified — is the toddler brother to the Paralelni Polis café in Prague, Czechia. It’s a cafe rooted in alternative discovering out, or “parallel training,” which harks befriend to when Czeckoslavia persevered communist rule.

Paralená Polis or the “crypto café” coffee shop and assembly place. Dušan Matuska is on legal crouching with glasses. Source: Matuska. 

It is an good epithet for a accumulate place to learn, tinker with and at final employ cryptocurrency, “no fiat is allowed,” Matuska added.

The parallels of coaching about restricted worlds all the draw in which by the communist regime and discovering out about an alternative financial world where fiat foreign money is surplus to requirements are certain-scale back on the cafe. Matuska defined:

“So, the belief used to be no longer to fight against the procedure but to raise a parallel procedure. The identical as Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a aloof command against the procedure. It‘s no longer going to interrupt issues, but slowly this may per chance fetch them venerable.”

While serving to out as a barista on the cafe, Matuska spoke to unassuming crypto enthusiasts, from 73-three hundred and sixty five days-former dilapidated bankers to senior electorate unfamiliar about transacting with crypto.

Aged females discovering out about Bitcoin at a bazaar flee by the crypto café in Slovakia. Source: Matuska

“I continually employ the instance of the 73-three hundred and sixty five days-former man when teaching of us about Bitcoin. If he can look ways to make employ of a Bitcoin pockets and learn how to pay with Bitcoin, anybody can.”

Better yet, the reason why the septuagenarian transacted by strategy of Bitcoin is that it used to be “more uncomplicated for him than it used to be to make employ of online banking.” Matuska confirmed to Cointelegraph that the aged man used to be no longer, if truth be told, Satoshi Nakamoto.

While sadly, the Bratislava crypto cafe closed final three hundred and sixty five days due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Prague cafe lives on. Plus, the foundations were laid and Matuska had two epiphanies: Bitcoin is for each person and Bitcoin solves complications.

For Matuska, whether it’s sending money to a cousin within the United States, bequeathing money to grandchildren or merely “serving to of us assign money to fight inflation,” it’s no longer ethical some cold tech or  “quantity-trail-up technology.”

In the end, when his female friend queried “my teaching colleagues are asking about learn how to educate childhood about Bitcoin. Is there a e book for them?” Matuska shifted his focal point from teaching adults to teaching childhood in addition to.

On account of the back of diversified Bitcoin educators within the place, in addition to to a a hit crowdfunding advertising and marketing campaign, Matuska has sent over 2,000 Bitcoin books to varsities all the draw in which by Slovakia, translated by himself and his group into Slovak.

Slovakian schoolchildren discovering out “Bitcoin Money.” Source: Matuska 

Expanding his Bitcoin training aspirations into schools used to be a deft transfer. He‘ll need the general back he can fetch to reach the target of teaching 100 million of us about Bitcoin by 2030. To preserve song of the numbers, Matuska dilapidated to spend care of “an excel spreadsheet, then I dilapidated to count YouTube video views but there used to be too worthy overlap.”

He’s now working on a series of metrics to reach his goal, indubitably tracking the amount of downloads on the Bitcoin podcasts he records.

Within the podcast sequence, the Slovak solutions frequent questions and belief experiments he used to be uncovered to all the draw in which by his Bitcoin teaching. Amongst the most popular questions and, if truth be told, the first podcast he recorded, is a riff on Satoshi Nakamoto’s anonymity.

It’s known as, “How I met Satoshi,” and refers to a theoretical assembly with the creator of Bitcoin. Matuska defined:

“Ethical like Pythagoras and his theorem, we don’t if truth be told desire to know if he used to be a factual guy or a unfriendly guy; if he used to be orange, blue, yellow or dark, whatever. The predominant part is that the Pythagoras theorem works again and again.”

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It is that you just’re going to have the capability to train to mathematically point out that the Pythagoras Theorum works thousands of years after his dying. “It may well be the identical for Satoshi‘s calculations.”

While Matuska “meets” with Satoshi, it‘s extra relating to the accurate “assembly” that occurs whereas you happen to begin to bewitch with the works of a genius, whether it‘s Einstein, Michelangelo or Aristotle.

Within the terminate, for the founding father of Bitcoin, Matuska shares that we “can devour to composed be glad that we don‘t know who this particular person is.”

“The most productive part that Satoshi did used to be to fetch Bitcoin. The 2d most productive part Satoshi did used to be to evaporate.”