Does it Ever Include Sense to Pay Your Earnings Taxes With a Rewards Credit Card?

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The CRA doesn’t collect bank cards straight as a sound of payment. That said, they produce collect third-birthday party products and companies, corresponding to Plastiq and PaySimple, which allow you to make utilize of a money aid or rewards credit rating card to duvet your tax invoice.

It appears admire an spectacular concept. You owe on your profits taxes — boom, $2,000 — and also you suspect to yourself, “I will operate a tonne of rewards points on this.” Even 2% on a money-aid credit rating card can flip $2,000 into $40, which is free money that’s no longer taxable.

But here’s the forged off (you knew it became coming): while the CRA accepts bank cards through third-birthday party products and companies, those products and companies fee a processing fee. The costs are outrageously high, too, from 2.5% to 2.8%, which will generally nullify any rewards or money aid you operate on the card.

That said, there are two cases when it’s miles perfect to make utilize of a rewards credit rating card to pay your profits taxes.

Low curiosity bank cards

The principle instance is to cast off earnings of a low curiosity credit rating card.

Many bank cards include low promotional APRs, which fee you less curiosity for a undeniable time frame. Usually, these cards work in tandem with a steadiness transfer, helping you development credit rating card debt from a card with a high APR to 1 with a decrease one.

But you may as well utilize a credit rating card with a low promotional APR to duvet a tax invoice you may as well’t afford. The CRA on the total charges about 1% in curiosity for every month you don’t pay your taxes and up to 12% after 12 months. Many low-APR cards would fee you no longer up to 1%, and also that you just might well possibly have the low APR for six to 12 months.

But produce the arithmetic yourself. You’ll pay a processing fee to Plastiq or PaySimple. Then you’ll pay a minute portion in APR on your credit rating card for every month you don’t pay your taxes aid. Even with the fee, you can pay less in total curiosity with the credit rating card, seriously while you don’t concept to pay your taxes for the next six months or extra.

Originate a welcome bonus

It can well originate sense to make utilize of your rewards or money-aid credit rating card to repay your taxes if it formula snagging a welcome bonus.

Many bank cards include hefty welcome bonuses that you just unlock while you fee a undeniable quantity to a credit rating card. You generally have a deadline (admire three months after you inaugurate your credit rating card account), and seemingly money actions don’t depend toward the bonus (admire money advances and shopping lottery tickets).

When you happen to could perhaps well also’t meet the spending threshold sooner than the deadline, paying your taxes on a credit rating card could perhaps well also build you over. You’d snag the bonus, even though it intended paying a processing fee.

But produce this suited as a closing resort. Those processing costs are high. Until you’re churning credit rating card bonuses (right through which paying taxes with a card is known as a easy manner to gain one), you don’t desire those costs drinking into your earnings.

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